The Importance of Getting Your Ducts Professionally Cleaned

The Importance of Getting Your Ducts Professionally Cleaned


Would you drive down a road filled with rocks, tumbleweeds, tree branches, boxes, and more? Probably not! This wouldn’t make for an easy drive, leaving you driving slowly and trying to navigate around all the mess if you can get by it at all.

Now think of your ductwork like a road. If your ducts are filled with a hefty amount of debris, it is going to make it hard for the cool air your HVAC system creates to get by and get into your home. In the same way that you need a clear road to drive to your destination, you need clean ductwork to get the clean and cool air you need to be distributed throughout your house.

Here’s what you need to know about dirty ductwork and how duct cleaning in Columbus, OH can help clear things up.

How Do Your Ducts Get Dirty?

You may not see the contaminants that are in your air, but they are there. While your HVAC system does have a filter that captures the majority of these particulates, some may still get through. And over time, the airborne particulates that get into your HVAC system may settle and collect inside of your ductwork.

Your ducts get dirty because they handle regular air! Thankfully, it takes a while for the build-up in a duct to get bad enough that it affects your comfort. The key thing to remember is that, when dirty ductwork does start to mess with your home comfort, you work with a professional to address the problem.

The Negative Impact of Dirty Ductwork

“How bad can dirty ductwork really make things?” As we just mentioned, dirty ductwork takes time to negatively impact things. The thing is, when your ducts get dirty enough they really will start to mess with your comfort and your indoor air quality. Negative effects can include:

  • Reduced airflow out of your vents hindering the cooling of your home.
  • Recycled contaminants increase allergy symptoms and risks of illness
  • Hindered cooling due to poor indoor air quality messing with the HVAC system overall

Why Schedule Duct Cleaning

You might be thinking that cleaning your ductwork is something you can absolutely do yourself. Well, we are sorry to say it, but this isn’t like your regular cleaning projects.

Your ductwork is actually pretty delicate (which is also why it can develop leaks over time too). This means that, if you are too rough or use the wrong tools when cleaning your ducts, you can seriously damage them. And trust us when we say that repairing major damage to your ductwork isn’t cheap.

Duct cleaning isn’t cheap either but it is worth every penny you spend. This service, when performed by professionals who use the correct tools and tactics, will leave you with perfectly clean ducts. What’s more, they will make sure that any of the debris that they remove from your ducts doesn’t end up on your floor!

The service guys in the purple trucks can help clean up your ductwork and your indoor air quality too. Schedule any other home comfort services you need with Paramount Heating & Air.