What Sounds Your Heater Shouldn’t Make

What Sounds Your Heater Shouldn’t Make


If you have only just started to use your heater at night and you are already hearing odd noises, we’d urge you to reach out to us. There is a reason why those noises your system is making concern you. Because something in you knows that they spell trouble for your heater, your energy bills, your comfort, and even your home safety.

Not every sound that your heater makes is going to be a cause for concern though but not every sound the system creates is normal either. We want you to know the difference so that you can determine when your heater is making a noise that should be responded to with a heater repair in Columbus, OH.

If You Hear These Sounds, Call For Heater Repairs

Heating systems that have started to make one or more of the following noises should be checked out by a trained professional.


Do you have a gas-powered furnace? Then you may want to keep your ears alert for the sound of a boom upon the start of your heating cycle. Gas burners that are dirty can have trouble igniting, allowing gas to build up in the system. When that extra gas is ignited, it can create a small explosion, creating that “boom.” Make sure to have this addressed soon as it can strain your system and create additional issues.


Does running your heater create a screeching or squealing noise? This will be a noise that you may hear from a heat pump when its blower motor belt or motor bearings dries out. The noise is created when metal grinds against metal.


Running a heater is going to produce some sort of sound due to the air being passed through the system. This should sound strong though, rather than produce a hissing noise. Hissing is likely to denote something hindering airflow. It can also indicate that there is a crack in the heat exchanger allowing gas to escape the system or a leak in the refrigerant line allowing refrigerant to escape. Ultimately, a hissing noise should be dealt with promptly.


Clicking can be normal upon the start-up of the heater. However, beyond this, you shouldn’t hear a larger amount of clicking throughout the operation of the system, it may indicate electrical issues that need to be dealt with.

What Are Normal Heater Sounds?

It can also help to understand what noises are normal from your heater too. That way you can know if and when something sounds off about your heater. Sounds like the whose of air, a click or two at the start of a heating cycle, and crackling from your ductwork expanding or contracting between cycles are the usual sounds that your heating system might make when it operates properly. Sounds that are outside of these are often worth having a technician check your heater for.

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