How Air Quality Impacts Your Indoor Comfort

How Air Quality Impacts Your Indoor Comfort


You have a working thermostat and a powerful heater. This great team should be all you need to guarantee the best comfort level in your home right? Well, yes and no. In many cases, the core part of your Columbus, OH HVAC system, that is the heater and thermostat, can cover most of the bases in keeping you comfortable. But things may have the potential to be even better. How? With an improvement in your indoor air quality.

It is one thing to say that you need to improve your indoor air quality but it is another to show you how that is possible. We have the systems and services that will get the job done. Let’s discuss the benefits that an indoor air quality system can have in your home.

Firstly, how can your indoor air quality impact your comfort

Temperature control in your home is only half the battle. You also need to make sure that the air flowing through your home is good quality. This will have a big impact on your overall indoor environment.

Let’s look at dust level for example. Air that has a high concentration of dust will be harder to heat, harder to filter, and will increase the scattering of dust around your house. It will also irritate your throat and sinuses too. On the other hand, clean air will be easier to heat, less likely to irritate, and will contribute to comfortable airflow too.

The quality of the air in your home can and will have a large impact on your comfort all year long.

Now, how can great air make an impact on your home

So what are the details on how good indoor air quality can help improve your home environment? Here are some specifics that may interest you:

  • Better HVAC system performance: Cleaner air will pass through the HVAC filter into your heater more easily to be heated. It will also be easier to warm up, especially if you can make sure that it isn’t too dry as well. Air that is easier to warm will allow your HVAC system to perform more effectively and efficiently.
  • Fewer respiratory issues and sickness: Air that is good quality is also less like to make you feel under the weather. With the right systems, you can avoid irritants and contaminants that would otherwise mess with your respiratory system, causing sickness or allergic reactions.
  • A cleaner home: Last but not lear, your home will be a lot cleaner when you have better indoor air quality. Fewer contaminants in the air mean fewer contaminants being recirculated to cause problems.

How we can help clear the air indoors

So what can our team do to help improve your home’s indoor air? We have systems to help with cleaning the air and balancing humidity levels and the services to keep them running right. This includes

  • Duct services
  • Air filtration systems and services
  • Humidifier and dehumidifier systems and services

The service guys in the purple trucks are here to help. Contact the team at Paramount Heating & Air to boost your indoor air quality.