Is Your Heater Struggling With Poor Efficiency?

Is Your Heater Struggling With Poor Efficiency?


You want to keep your home warm on those chilly days. It can be hard to do that though if running your heater causes a huge spike in your heating bills. If you’ve received an energy bill recently that made you choke on your coffee then it is worthwhile to have a professional check out your Pickerington, OH HVAC system.

There is more than one issue that may be causing those high bills. It is worthwhile to check things over to see if you need to get repairs for your heater to address whatever is causing that increase in energy usage. Here’s what might be causing your problems.

Issues That Can Create High Energy Bills

Wondering what is forcing your heater to use so much extra power to try to heat your home? Here are some of the most common causes that homeowners tend to run into at this time of the year.

  • A dirty air filter: This is a fairly common issue that many people run into. You’ve been running your heater consistenly over the holidays and got wrapped up with everything else to do and forgot to change your filter. Now it is way too dirty and it is hindering airflow, causing your energy bills to increase. A quick and easy filter change is how to resolve this and restore efficiency to your system!
  • Problems with a fan or blower motor: Have you noticed screeching or squealing sounds from your heating system? These sounds, and a reduced flow of air into your home, may indicate that you have a repair need in your system that is costing your system its energy efficiency. You might have a broken or loose fan blade or you may have a blower motor problem that need attention. Professional repairs will address this quickly and easily.
  • An aged thermostat: How old is your thermostat? If your thermostat is 10 years old or more, or even if it is simply older than your current heater, you are using a system that is tanking your system efficiency! An upgraded thermostat will provide you with better temperature control and improved system efficiency.
  • Short cycling: Your heater turns on, runs for a few brief minutes, and then shuts down. This is bad for your comfort and terrible for your energy efficiency. Something is wrong in your system that is causing your heater to short cycle. Get this addressed today so you can get your heater running effectively and efficiently again.
  • A heater that is too old: Is your heater creeping closer to a 15-year mark? If so, you need to consider an upgrade. Older systems simply can’t offer the efficiency level that newer ones can. They are also going to be unable to maintain a good efficiency level the way they used to.

Whether you need heater maintenance, repairs, or a full system replacement, it is best to reach out to a professional team like ours to get the job done right. We will make sure you get the operation and efficiency you need.

Contact Paramount Heating & Air to schedule an appointment. You can always rely on the service guys in the purple trucks!

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