Do You Need a Furnace Repair or Replacement?

Do You Need a Furnace Repair or Replacement?


Furnaces are highly reliable home heating systems. However, their power doesn’t mean that they are immune to trouble. Over the course of a gas or electric furnace’s lifespan, the system is going to encounter trouble. Maintenance can keep trouble to a minimum, but the day will still arrive when you need a furnace service in Dublin, OH.

If that day has arrived for your furnace, then you may find yourself wondering which service it needs: a repair or a full system replacement. We can help you figure that out! Just read on and then reach out to Paramount for the expert service you need.

Schedule a Furnace Repair If…

When you notice these signs of trouble in your furnace, make sure to reach out to book repairs.

  • Reduced heating:Have you noticed that your furnace seems less able to heat up the house the way you’d expect? If so there is a chance of burner or blower fan problems. There may be other problems, all of which undermine the ability to produce heat the way you need. Prompt repairs are a good idea to address this.
  • Short cycling: Short cycling can happen for a variety of reasons. Your system may be shut off early to avoid overheating. It may also cut off heating early if the temperature is not being reported correctly due to a faulty thermostat. Whatever the core cause, you’ll need to have repairs performed sooner than later to avoid the need for an early replacement.
  • Odd noises: Another common sign that you may notice from your furnace is when it begins to emit concerning noises. These can include rattling, hissing, or screeching. If your furnace sounds off while it is running, make sure to have it checked out and, if needed, repaired.

Schedules a Furnace Replacement If…

Now is a great time to schedule a furnace replacement, especially with the new energy efficiency regulations and the Inflation Regulation Act coming into play. Talk to a technician about getting a furnace replacement ASAP if…

  • Your furnace is 15+ years old:Age is important to keep track of when assessing your furnace. An older furnace that is running into trouble may be better off being replaced. Even a furnace that is older than 10 years old at this time is worth replacing so that you can improve your energy efficiency and take advantage of rebates and other benefits being offered by the initiatives we listed above.
  • The system needs frequent repairs: How often do you need repairs for your current furnace? If you need repairs up to once a year at minimum, or more often than even that, it means you will benefit much more from getting a system upgrade instead.
  • Your furnace repairs cost too much: Keep the cost of your furnace repairs in mind too. If the cost of a repair could pay for half or more of the cost of a new system, you are better off replacing your furnace. Again this option is even more beneficial as you can use those discounts or rebates to reduce the cost.

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