Are You Due For a Heater Upgrade?

Are You Due For a Heater Upgrade?


No heater lasts forever. Yes, there are differences in how long systems can last, based on how they make heat and how the system is used. Eventually, every homeowner will be faced with the need for a system replacement.

It’s important to remember that you want to schedule a heater replacement before your heater gives out completely. It’s a good idea to become familiar with the warning signs that your system is on its last leg. That way you can schedule your heating service in Newark, OH before you’re trying to get by without a working heater.

4 Indicators That It’s Time to Replace Your Heater

Be on the alert for some of these issues with your heater. Taking note of these warning signs can help you better prepare for a heater replacement. A replacement now can make it easier to get your appointment on the schedule and ensure that you’re better prepared for next winter.

  1. The heater is too old.There is a limit to how old your furnace should be before it’s replaced. A heater that is under 10 years old is one that can likely be repaired (if it’s having issues) and last a few more years. However, one that is 10-15 years old is one that you’ll need to be prepared to replace sooner than later. At this age, the efficiency of the system will begin to deteriorate, even with tune-ups.
  2. The heater needs frequent repairs. How often is too often for repairs? If you need repairs once every year, you’ll want to look at getting a replacement rather than repairs the next time the need arises. If you have needed repairs more than once this year for this system, then you’ll definitely need to get a replacement ASAP. This is a system that is barely getting by.
  3. The heater repairs are too expensive. Your money may be better spent on a new system, rather than trying to keep up your old one. A good rule of thumb to help you figure out if the repair bill is too high is the rule of 5000. Multiply the cost of the repair by the age of your heater and if the resulting number is over 5000, you’ll want to talk to your technician about your replacement options.
  4. The heater is completely ineffective. No matter how much maintenance or how many repairs you’ve had recently, you still can’t rely on your heater. A system that refuses to work is one that you shouldn’t have to bother with.

Have You Considered a Heat Pump?

If you’re looking at getting a new heater, then you may want to consider investing in a heat pump. You especially should consider this option if you also need to upgrade your AC system before summer hits as a heat pump can do the job of both heating and cooling your home. What’s more, switching to a heat pump can give you a chance to take care of some incredible tax credits and rebates being offered right now thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act.

The service guys in the purple trucks are here to help keep your home warm. Schedule your next heating service with Paramount Heating & Air today.

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