7 Signs Your Furnace Needs Repairs

7 Signs Your Furnace Needs Repairs


If you have a furnace heater in your home then you have every right to rely on it during even the coldest weather. You also have the right to feel frustrated when your system falters at the job it’s meant to do.

We want to help you avoid being without the use of your furnace when you need it the most. One of the best ways to do this is by understanding when you need expert service to help your system work properly.

Watch for these warning signs that you need a furnace repair in New Albany, OH so you can schedule an appointment before the system breaks down.

7 Signs You Should Schedule Furnace Repairs

It’s a good idea to pay some extra attention to your furnace, especially towards the end of the heating season when wear and tear will add up the most. Watch out for these warning signs of trouble:

  1. Delayed start-up: When you adjust the thermostat or turn it on, then your furnace should respond almost immediately. If you’ve noticed that your furnace doesn’t start up for several minutes or needs multiple adjustments to respond, then you need to have your system checked.
  2. Hissing sounds: Hissing isn’t the same as a whoosh of air passing through your system unhindered. In gas furnaces, hissing may be an indicator of a crack in your heat exchanger which is allowing combustion gas to enter your home. This could also indicate your ducts have a leak or that your air filter is extremely dirty and the air is struggling to enter your heater.
  3. Rotten egg smells: There is a chemical added to the municipal gas supply that makes it smell like sulfur or rotten eggs. If you smell this while your furnace is running, it’s a likely indicator of a leak in your gas line or the heat exchanger.
  4. Booming sounds: This is a noise that will show up in a gas furnace. The boom is created by delayed ignition which allows gas to collect in the combustion chamber. When that gas finally ignites, it essentially creates a small explosion. Have a technician check a booming furnace for dirty buildup on burners or a problem with the ignition system.
  5. Weakened airflow: Your furnace should produce a steady flow of warm air throughout the house. If that airflow is weakened or interrupted, it will negatively impact your comfort and your furnace’s efficiency. Make sure to check your air filter and if this isn’t causing the problem, talk to a technician.
  6. Screeching sounds: Screeching or squealing sounds are created when metal scrapes against metal. This sound coming from a furnace usually means you have a dry blower motor belt or dry bearings to address.
  7. Lack of heat: This is a big issue. Your furnace is running but it isn’t heating things up. You may have issues with electrical heating components or other causes behind this. Whatever the core cause though, you need to get your furnace repaired ASAP.

When your furnace encounters trouble, leave it to the professionals to get things running properly again.

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