5 Warning Signs of Trouble in Your Heater

5 Warning Signs of Trouble in Your Heater


It is the time of year when you want to focus on staying cozy and enjoying more time with your family and friends. Instead of enjoying yourself though, you find you are looking for creative ways to keep warm! This is frustrating first of all and a warning of a problem too. Chances are high that there is a problem in your heater that needs expert attention.

Needing a heater repair in Columbus, OH is fairly common, especially around this time of year. But how can you be sure that your system needs work? We can provide the warning signs to watch for and the service that will fix the issue. All you need to do is read on and then give us a call!

5 Signs of Heater Trouble

You know how your heater is supposed to operate. This makes it that much more obvious when something went wrong.

  1. Irregular cycling patterns: Irregular cycling can come in two forms. The first is short cycling, which is when your heater turns on and only runs a few minutes before shutting back down. The other version of this is turning on and never seeming to wrap up the heating process. In either of these cases, you end up with a heater that is struggling and pulling in extra energy to try to warm up your home.
  2. Airflow problems: Another possible problem that your heater might run into is poor air flow. This can refer to the airflow going into or out of your heater. The ultimate result is that the amount of air being heated and blown into your home is not adequate enough to keep everyone comfortable. Make sure to check your air filter to see if this is the source of the problem. If not call in a professional for repairs.
  3. Weak home heating: Do you put your hand next to the vent when your heater is in operation and notice that the air is lukewarm at best? This can be due to a number of issues that are hindering your heater’s ability to create warm air. Don’t let it go unaddressed because it can cost you the entire system if you’re not careful. Get repairs today to get your heater back to working effectively.
  4. Cold spots throughout the house: It might be a hallway in the home or a particular room but whenever you’re near that you can feel how cold it is. These cold spots are a sign of a heater that is not up to snuff. Maybe you have a leak in your ductwork creating the problem or perhaps you would hear itself is having problems. Whatever the core problem, a professional technician can solve it.
  5. Concerning sounds during operation: Something sounds wrong in your home and it may be from your heating. Sounds such as rattling, clinging, hissing, booming, or shrieking can all these signs of a repair need within your heater.

If you have a problem with your home’s heating system you can always rely on the service guys in the purple trucks. Contact Paramount Heating & Air today to schedule an appointment.