5 Spooky Sounds a Heater Makes and What They Mean

5 Spooky Sounds a Heater Makes and What They Mean


What’s that noise? None of the kids’ toys in the house are talking and there’s no creepy movie on, so you are starting to get a little concerned. What’s worse, the house is starting to feel cold. We know that all of those odd noises and chills can seem indicative of something otherworldly, but don’t let your imagination run too wild. You probably just have a heater problem.

When your heating system develops a repair need, it may cause it to make a strange noise. And, of course, a malfunctioning heater isn’t going to keep your home properly warm. See? Nothing that scary–unless you consider the need for a heating repair in Columbus, OH to be scary.

The 5 Creepy Sounds Your Heater Might Make

If your heater needs to be repaired, you may discover the issue from any number of sounds that it might make. Here are five noises you don’t want to hear from your heater. If you pick up on them, make sure to get a professional technician to your home today to fix your system.

  1. Hissing: Let’s start here because hissing can translate to a couple more concerning issues. Firstly, a hissing furnace may be one with a cracked heat exchanger which can prove dangerous to your health and safety. Hissing may also indicate a refrigerant leak in a heat pump. In both of these cases you are better off shutting off your furnace until a professional repairs it.
  2. Rattling: If it sounds lilke there is something rattling around in your heater, it is probably because you have a loose part in the system. Loose bolts, screws, and even fan blades can create plenty of noise and, if not addressed quickly, can escalate into more severe problems.
  3. Screeching: The sound of a screeching heater should absolutely raise the hairs on your arm. This is a sound created by metal scraping against metal somewhere in our system. You might be hearing a motor belt that desperately needs lubrication or replacement. You may also be hearing a loose fan blade scraping around its metal housing. This is a noise you shouldn’t ignore!
  4. Booming Does it sound like there is a small explosion in your furnace when you turn it on? This may be due to delayed ignition of the gas in your system. As gas builds up, it creates a bigger impact when it finally ignites, creating that booming noise.This obviously will stress your system and can increase the chances a serious problem, like a cracked heat exchanger, may develop.
  5. Buzzing: Lastly, don’t ignore a buzzing or humming noise from your heater. This is the sound of electrical problems within your system. These can damage the heater, ruin your comfort, and can even increase the risk of serious electrical problems in the house!

A noisy heater may not be some otherworldly issue but it can certainly point to concerning problems that you will want to address right away. If you hear these or any other odd sounds coming from your heater, make sure to reach out for repairs from a professional team like ours.

The service guys in the purple trucks are here to help. Contact Paramount Heating & Air to schedule your heating system repairs.

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