4 Smells That a Malfunctioning Heater Might Make

4 Smells That a Malfunctioning Heater Might Make


You’re wandering around your house and trying to figure out why you smell something “off.” Homeowners throughout Ohio have experienced this issue at one time or another. You check the usual suspects: the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room. But you can’t find the source of the smell.

It may come as a surprise to learn there’s a strong chance that your heater may be the source. If so, it’s cause for concern. We’ve listed some of the smells that may be coming from a heater and why they’re worth a call for heat pump or furnace repair in Columbus, OH.

1. The scent of dirty socks

You turn on your furnace or heat pump and notice that the house is starting to smell like you need to do some laundry. This “dirty sock” smell can actually be a sign of trouble in your heater. You may be smelling the development of mildew or mold in your system. As the system heats up, it warms the organic material and stinks up the house. Make sure to get a technician to examine and clean out your system to address this.

2. The smell of rotten eggs or sulfur

This is a smell you should take particular note of if you have a gas-powered furnace. What you are smelling can indicate gas is escaping your furnace in one way or the other.

Here’s the thing. Natural gas has no color or smell. That’s why most companies infuse their gas with a chemical that produces that rotten egg smell–so that you’ll know when gas is escaping into your home!

This scent can indicate a leak in your gas line, problems with your furnace’s ignition, or even a leak in your heat exchanger. Ensure you’re safe and warm this season by getting this issue checked out today.

3. An acrid odor

What you’re likely smelling is a burning electrical part. Burning wires or electrical connections make an easy-to-identify smell and it’s one that you should address as soon as you can. This may mean you have wires fraying or electrical connections that have worn out. This may be paired with circuit trips when you try to run your heater until you identify the source and get it fixed.

4. The consistent smell of burning dust

It’s normal to smell a minute or two of burning dust when you turn on your heater for the first time each year. However, if this smell becomes consistent, it means that it’s time to call in a professional to clean things out. Dirty burners or a dirty evaporator coil can hinder the creation of heat and make a smelly problem for your house.

Sometimes it pays off to give those odd smells a second thought when they permeate your house. It may be more than an indoor air quality issue; it may actually mean your heater needs help!

The service guys in the purple trucks will help keep you warm this season and beyond. Contact Paramount Heating & Air to schedule your heat pump or furnace repairs.

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