3 Repairs Your Furnace May Need

3 Repairs Your Furnace May Need


We aren’t quite at a point when we want to shut down our heaters. There are plenty of cold nights ahead to get through. This is why it is best to make sure that your furnace is still in working order to keep you warm.

One of the best ways to do this is to make sure that your furnace gets the service it needs to help keep it in good shape. That is why it is best to reach out as early as possible to get furnace repair in Columbus, OH if your system seems to be struggling. Repairs aren’t something to delay in any way!

Let’s discuss some warning signs that you can look for that will alert you to the fact that you need repairs ASAP.

Be On the Lookout For The Warning Signs Of These Issues

You need to keep your furnace in prime condition, even if you only are going to use it again for a couple of weeks. Here are some of the possible repairs that your system may be battling with that we encourage you to address quickly and expertly.

1. A Crack In the Heat Exchanger

We will start here because this is one of the riskier repairs to encounter. A cracked heat exchanger will result in a range of warning signs such as hissing sounds, reduced heating, increased energy bills, and even the smell of gas (often described as the smell of rotten eggs). When your heat exchanger develops a crack it is going to make it harder for your system or operate for starters. What’s more however a crack in this component of your furnace can also put your wellbeing at risk as it is allowing gas to leak out and enter your home. If you notice any of the signs that you may have a cracked heat exchanger, get an expert to check your system ASAP.

2. Something Slowing Down Airflow

Air needs to be able to easily enter and exit your furnace for your home to enjoy reliable warmth. We’d advise paying close attention to this one as a majority of the issues impacting furnace airflow can also impact the airflow through your air conditioner too. Make sure to check your system filter to see if it needs to be changed. If a dirty filter isn’t the culprit, reach out to a technician to check for leaky ductwork, clogged vents, or even a broken fan blade.

3. Built-Up Dirt In the System

Last but not least, your furnace may be battling with months’ worth of dirty debris left behind by the air it has been heating. Your filter can only stop so much from getting into your furnace. After a while, your furnace may start to emit the smell of burning dirt, have trouble with the ignition process (resulting in heating delays and a booming noise), or may have slower airflow coming from it. Keep your furnace clean and operational with help from a professional.

Whatever may be going on with your furnace, getting it taken care of now will save you time and money in the long run.

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