The Benefits a Heat Pump Will Offer Your Home

The Benefits a Heat Pump Will Offer Your Home


We have already started to get those hints of warmth letting us know that the heat and humidity of summer aren’t too far off. While this is a welcome change from the dreary clouds and cold of the winter season, there is only so much heat most of us can take. Thankfully, having a reliable air conditioner in your home will help keep things comfortable on many of those sweltering days.

But what if you don’t have a reliable AC? Maybe your long-standing system is finally ready to retire. Or perhaps you’ve been getting by with a window AC that barely gets the job done. In cases like these, we’d say now is the time to reach out to discuss the installation of a whole-home AC system. One option we think everyone should consider for their home is the installation of a heat pump in Columbus, OH.

Let us explain more about these systems and how they make a great fit for so many Columbus-area residents.

What Is a Heat Pump Mini Split

Heat pump mini splits are systems that work similarly to central ACs with some added perks.

A heat pump circulates refrigerant from an outdoor unit into an indoor air handler to absorb heat and create cool air. These systems can connect to your current ductwork and offer great comfort without using as much space or energy as other systems might.

The Benefits of a Heat Pump in Your Home

Heat pumps have a somewhat unique set-up and are able to offer some great benefits that you may enjoy. Here is what you should know:

1. Great energy efficiency

Heat pump systems are able to offer incredible energy efficiency when you use them. A modern heat pump can offer a SEER rating of 14 to 24+.

2. Year-round comfort

Another great perk of using a heat pump is that it can offer your year-round comfort. Heat pumps can reverse their flow of refrigerant to offer heating in the winter and cooling in the summer. This adds to their energy efficiency as they use electricity only, rather than natural gas, to create heat. A heat pump is ideal for a household in need of both a new AC and heater.

3. Saved space

As we mentioned briefly above, heat pumps help you save space. Heat pumps have an air handler indoor unit which takes up far less space. Along with this, heat pumps often have outdoor units that take up less square footage too.

4. Ductless options

Heat pumps can connect to your current ductwork. But they can also come in ductless form. This means that if your home is unable to accommodate ductwork, you still have options! Ductless heat pumps use multiple air handlers to deliver comfortable airflow throughout the house, connected to an outdoor unit with condensate and refrigerant conduits.

If you are on the hunt for a good air conditioner, it is a great idea to consider a heat pump as your next option.

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