Why Short Cycling Requires Prompt Repairs

Why Short Cycling Requires Prompt Repairs


What would you do if your computer suddenly shut itself off in the middle of your work just to boot right back up? Aside from being incredibly frustrated, you’d likely be concerned because this isn’t a good sign! Something may be wrong with your machine.

So why ignore a short cycling air conditioner?

Your air conditioner is a system with a good number of mechanical parts. Plenty of things can go wrong with it. And having your system shut off after a short period of time is going to be a sign of trouble. Here is what you need to know about short cycling and why it means that you need air conditioning repair in Grove City, OH.

What Is Short Cycling?

The average cooling cycle is meant to last around 15 minutes. This gives the system enough time to properly absorb and transfer heat out of the house, adjusting the indoor temperature to where you want it to be.

Short cycling refers to when these cooling cycles are interrupted and stopped early, shortening them down to anywhere between 10 minutes to just a few minutes long. This issue can and will undermine your comfort and your energy efficiency too.

What Shortened Cooling Cycles Are a Problem

There is the occasional idea that people have that shortened cooling cycles aren’t really that bad. After all, if the AC runs for a shorter amount of time, isn’t that saving you money? The reality is the exact opposite. Short cycling is a big issue because it will:

  • Reduce your home comfort: First and foremost, short cycling is going to seriously mess with your ability to keep your home comfortable. The shortened cooling cycles prevent the system from adequately pulling heat out of the house, leaving you with a home that is never cool enough.
  • Increase your energy bills: A short cycling air conditioner is going to do its best to try to get the job done. Unfortunately, it won’t be able to cool the house no matter how hard it works but it will eat up a lot more energy to try to make up for it.
  • Increase repairs needs: Short cycling is also going to put a lot of added strain on your AC. This will cause the different parts in the system to wear out faster and will increase the likelihood that it will develop repair needs, such as worn-out motor bearings or even refrigerant line leaks.
  • Reduce your system lifespan: In addition to all of this, short cycling can and will reduce your system lifespan. The longer this issue goes on, the shorter your AC is going to last.

If your air conditioner is short cycling or creating any other signs of trouble, it is best to get it checked out by a professional technician. This way, you can address the core cause of the problem which will allow your AC to work effectively and efficiently again.

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