How a Clogged Filter Can Ruin Your Air Conditioning System Efficiency

How a Clogged Filter Can Ruin Your Air Conditioning System Efficiency


You need a steady and strong flow of air in and out of your cooling system to allow it to provide you with the comfort you want. With that in mind, it isn’t a far stretch to say that poor airflow for your air conditioning system can be a big problem. The thing is, it isn’t just harmful to your home comfort it is harmful to your AC itself as well. A clogged air filter is something small that can quickly cause big problems It can even lead to increased needs for air conditioning repairs in Columbus, OH.

Let us tell you a bit more about what role your air filter plays in your comfort and why it is so important to make sure it is kept up properly.

What Your Air Filter Is For

Your air filter is meant to protect your air conditioner more than to improve your indoor air quality. All too often we encounter residents that think that the air filter is meant to keep the air in their home clean. We want to clarify though that, while the air filter does not harm your indoor air quality, its main purpose is to protect the internal workings of your AC system from the negative impact of collected dust and debris.

Why a Clogged Filter Is a Problem

Over time your air filter is going to collect a fair amount of debris. That is its job after all. However, if this is allowed to go on for an extended period of time it can lead to your air filter becoming thoroughly clogged with dirt, dust, and other particles. We all know the phrase “dirt don’t hurt” but this is one of the cases when dirt can most certainly harm your system and your home efficiency.

Hindered airflow that is created by a clogged air filter is going to increase the amount of work your heater has to do. A reduction in the airflow through your filter will force your heating system to work for a longer amount of time to create the needed warmth to heat your home. This means extra fuel and energy are used which reduces your system efficiency.

In addition to this, all the extra strain on your system can increase the need for repairs for your heater.

Improving the Airflow in Your Air Conditioner

So, how do you boost the flow of air through your AC to restore optimal energy efficiency and system operation? Change that filter! This might seem too easy but this is in fact one thing that every homeowner can and should do to help their air conditioner’s airflow and efficiency.

It is advisable to check out your air filter every one to three months. Depending on how dirty the filter is, you should change it out in order to keep the flow of air in the system strong. If you have a reusable filter, you will instead need to make sure to check and clean it off just as often.

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