Expert Sizing For Your AC Is Important

Expert Sizing For Your AC Is Important


The sizing of your air conditioner is highly important to how well it operates this summer. And no, we aren’t talking about the number of square feet that the physical unit takes up on your property.

Work with our team to make sure that your air conditioning installation in Dublin, OH is done right, including your system sizing. We want to make sure that the installation of your next AC system goes off without trouble. That is why we want to teach you a bit more about sizing so you know how important it is to have a professional like ours be the one to install and size your system.

What Does Sizing Have To Do With Your AC?

When we mention AC sizing it has nothing to do with the physical size of your air conditioner. While that is an important factor to take into consideration, that isn’t the size that we are focusing on.

The larger your home, the larger your air conditioner “size” needs to be. AC size is measured in tons which is a conversion of British Thermal Units. This is because what is actually being measured is how much power it takes to pull heat out of the air in your home. Sizing refers to the amount of power that your air conditioner needs to use in order to cool down your home.

When a technician installs an air conditioner, they need to make sure it is sized appropriately for your home. This takes into account not just the square footage of the home. It also factors in the number of windows and doors, the air-tightness of the house, the average high temperature in the area, and more.

Why an Oversized AC is a Bad Idea

An oversized air conditioner would, by default, be a more powerful system. But the truth is that when your air conditioner is sized too large for your house it can and will actually undermine your comfort and your efficiency.

An oversized AC will work especially fast but this can lead to problems. What happens is that the system cools the area immediately around it too quickly, causing it to shut off after only a few minutes. This is known as short cycling. And it leaves the majority of the house too warm, meaning your AC is going to kick on again within a few minutes.

An oversized AC is going to end up lasting fewer years that it would if it were sized correctly. What’s more, it will also end up costing you more while being unable to cool the home properly.

An Undersized AC Is Also a Problem

While some people may mistakenly think that an oversized air conditioner may provide extra cooling, there are fewer misconceptions about undersized air conditioners. An undersized air conditioner isn’t going to be able to effectively cool your home the way you want. But that won’t stop it from trying! The result: a hot home and an AC that runs constantly and sucks up a LOT of extra energy attempting to get the job done.

Get Your Sizing, And Your AC Installation Done Right

When you need a new air conditioner installed and sized in your home, get things started off right by working with the professionals. Our team is here to help!

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