New Albany truly has lots to offer

When it comes time to plan a summer trip, many people head for the coast. However, in the midwest, many other people are opting to visit the New Albany area. New Albany is a great place to visit because it’s located just 15 miles from the state capital, and because the city itself is so unique and welcoming. There are lots of things to do here, including:

  • Reef Systems Coral Farm

  • Creepside Festival

New Albany has done a great job in recent years at setting itself apart from Columbus by developing and investing in its own unique cultural atmosphere. The city boasts its own Symphony Orchestra and Ballet company, and the city recently developed its own library. Every MAy, New Albany celebrates Founders Day with a parade, festival, rides, vendors, and street performers. Information can be found here.

Reef Systems Coral Farm

Since being established in 2007, this aquarium and fish shop has been one of the top of its sort in the area. Sustainability and culturing and growing coral is their specialty, and their clams, live rock, fish, and invertebrates are great to stop by and check out at any day of the week. See here for information about New Albany, Ohio’s Best Things to Do.