Why New Albany is a great, underrated travel destination

Ohio hosts thousands upon thousands of tourists every year, and while it may come as a surprise, many of them love to visit the city of New Albany. New Albany is located just a short 15 miles away from Columbus, and it is a great place for many tourists on a budget who want to split time between the two cities. Of the city’s many tourists every year, they all have lots from which to choose on how to spend their day, including:

  • Hocking Hills Canopy Tours

  • Blendon Woods Metro Park

New Albany’s population of 11,000 may make it seem on the surface that the city is small and uneventful, but that simply isn’t true. The city throws a handful of festivals and parades each year, and the city’s Symphony Orchestra and Ballet Company inspire many more over the course of their respective seasons. See more here.

Hocking Hills Canopy Tours

The Hocking Hill Canopy Tours are tailored to younger crowds and they usually only spend a couple of hours here. It is a great place to go to get a new perspective on the wooded areas, and the ziplining provides you with a truly unparalleled rush of adrenaline. See here for information about How to Spend an Afternoon in the City of New Albany, Ohio.