New Albany is a fun place to live

If you live in the Columbus, Ohio area, you’re likely familiar with the city of New Albany, to some extent. As a smaller town, you are likely unfamiliar with the town, however, as Columbus usually draws in a larger group of visitors. However, don’t let that persuade your opinion of the town, as the city has taken enormous lengths over the last decade to ensure that more people begin to stop by, and some of the fun things to do here are:

  • Creepside Festival

  • New Albany Farmers Market

New Albany has a population sitting right around 11,000, and is home to many different fun things to do. From the Founders Day celebrations to the annual culinary event, thousands of people are drawn to New Albany every year for a slew of different reasons. New Albany, OH can be seen here.

Creepside Festival

If you have kids and can access the area around Halloween, then Creepside Festival is right for you. You can see all the cool costumes and fun events that the local businesses put on, and even though this event is tailored for kids, many adult couples still have great fun. Click here to read about Why Tourists love New Albany, Ohio.