New Albany has a lot to offer

Many people visit the city of New Albany, Ohio every year for its slew of fun activities and inspiring cultural endeavours. The city’s proximity to the state capital of Columbus has also turned it into an attractive travel destination, especially for those who are interested in visiting both cities, but would prefer paying for smaller town hotel rates. If you find yourself visiting New Albany, you’ll have no shortage of activities, including: 

  • AimHi

  • Blendon Woods Metro Park

New Albany’s population of 11,000 makes many assume that it’s just another small town, but that really isn’t true. The city has its own Symphony Orchestra and Ballet Company, and the city throws its own festivals and parades a number of times throughout the calendar year. If you find yourself in the New Albany area, you’ll love how many things there are to do. Click here for facts about City of New Albany, OH .



AimHi is the place to go to try something new and to get your adrenaline pumping. You pay a bit of a premium here, but it is a great place to go to train with guns and rifles and to hone your shooting skills. Click here to read about Why People Visit New Albany, Ohio.