a water softener in new albany ohio sits in a home

Do you live in an area where there’s hard water? Maybe you’re not sure, but you know that people around you have gotten a water softener install in Columbus or New Albany and they love it. Call us at Paramount to schedule an appointment about water softeners today. We’ll help you decide if getting one is right for you. If it is, we’ll make sure you get one that’s perfect for your home and that it is installed just right, the very first time.

The Benefits of Water Softeners

When you live in an area with hard water, the benefits of a water softener install can be numerous. We would be happy to test your water before we talk to you about installation, so you can know exactly how bad things are. This also allows you to test again after the softener is installed, to make sure it’s removing the minerals that were causing your issues. Water softeners can help:

  • Keep things clean. The minerals that cause hard water can build up on plumbing fixtures, silverware, glasses, mirrors, tiles, and more. Eventually, it may cause you to have to replace all of these things.
  • Make you feel better. Your skin and your hair will feel softer and smoother when your water is soft. Since minerals can dry on you, too, removing these will make you feel a lot better.
  • Make your clothes and towels last longer. The mineral deposits caused by hard water can make your fabrics rougher, turn them gray, and keep them from lasting as long as you might expect. Removing the hard water will make these problems go away.
  • Extend the life of water appliances. When you run water through an appliance, like a coffee maker, dishwasher, washing machine, or ice maker, hard water can deposit minerals inside of it. This can shorten its lifespan unless you take care of the hard water problem.
  • Do less housework. Since you won’t have to be removing hard water deposits all the time, cleaning your house will be easier than ever before. Save yourself time and hassle when you get a water softener install in Columbus or New Albany soon.

Water Softener Service in New Albany and Columbus

Do you have an existing water softener that isn’t working well? Our experts don’t just install water softeners, but they fix them, too. Call us for water softener service in Columbus and New Albany whenever your water softener isn’t working the way it should. You may start to notice hard water deposits again or feel like your skin feels different than it did when the softener was working well.