Toilet Repair

a toilet in columbus that needs repair

When you need a toilet repair in Columbus or New Albany, you need it now! You may not even have time to search for “toilet repair near me” before your toilet has done a lot of damage to your home! Even if the repair isn’t urgent, you can’t live well for very long without a functioning toilet.

That’s where we come in. Whenever you need toilet repair in New Albany or Columbus, call us at Paramount. We’ll send out an experienced plumber to get to the bottom of your toilet issue fast so we can get a repair in place and you can get back to living the life you love. Don’t wait! Call Paramount today to get your toilet fixed as soon as possible.

Signs You Need Toilet Repair

If your toilet is overflowing water all over your bathroom and you can’t get it to stop, it’s usually pretty clear that you need toilet repair in Columbus as soon as possible. However, some toilets have other problems. These may be more subtle, but they still mean that it’s time to call in a plumber to set things right.

  • Your toilet leaks. Whether it leaks around the seal at the bottom or from a pipe in the back, it needs to be seen by a professional.
  • Your toilet runs all the time. This can indicate a leak in your tank or a malfunction inside the toilet. Either way, this can cost you a lot of money in water bills so fixing it should be a priority.
  • Your toilet runs randomly. This also indicates a leak somewhere, but a slower one. Still, you don’t want to pay for more water than you have to, so have someone check it out soon.
  • Your toilet won’t flush, or flushing is difficult. Flushing should be simple and straightforward. If it’s not – if you have to jiggle the handle or hold it down for a while or try it several times – we’ll get it fixed so you don’t have to think about flushing anymore.
  • Your toilet overflows regularly. An overflow here and there is normal, but if you have a toilet that overflows regularly, it’s time to get it checked out. This can indicate a sewer problem or a larger pipe issue, so get it taken care of fast.
  • Your toilet seems loose. If your toilet wobbles when you sit down, that’s not good! We’ll help figure out where the wobble is coming from and get it stabilized before anyone gets hurt.
  • Your toilet makes unusual sounds. If you hear clonking, whistling, whirring, banging, or any other unusual sounds, something is broken. We’ll fix it fast so your toilet sounds normal again.

All of these problems can become major issues if you don’t take care of them soon. Our plumbers are always here, ready and waiting to help you out. All you have to do is pick up your phone and call us at Paramount to make an appointment with a toilet repair pro today!

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