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Are you dealing with heating problems and you’re not sure how to resolve them? When you need furnace repair in Columbus, or any type of heating repair, call us at Paramount Heating & Air. We have skilled HVAC technicians standing by, ready and waiting to help you get your heating fixed today. Stop panicking and wondering, “Who can fix my furnace?” When you have Paramount on the job, you can be sure you’ll have heat again ASAP.


When is it Time for Heating Repair?

If your heater is not working at all, then it’s definitely time to call in a professional for some furnace service. However, it can be hard to tell if you need a professional. Sometimes, your heater works but has issues or you’re not sure if a particular problem is worth calling about. We recommend calling for furnace repair anytime you have questions, but here are some problems we fix a lot.

  • Your furnace won’t turn off. This will burn out your motor. It also means that you are likely too hot at home or that your furnace isn’t working efficiently to heat your home.
  • Your furnace cycles on and off rapidly and repeatedly. This problem can also burn out your motor. We’ll get to the bottom of the issue and repair things fast so your furnace doesn’t experience excessive wear and tear.
  • Your furnace makes unusual clanging or banging sounds. Something has likely broken off inside your furnace or has gotten in it from the outside. Turn it off and call right away so we can take care of it before there’s more damage.
  • Your furnace blows lukewarm air. Even if it still warms your home, it’s not working efficiently. You could be spending more on energy than you need to!
  • Your furnace doesn’t seem to respond to your thermostat. We’ll find the breakdown in communication and repair it so that your thermostat and your furnace communicate well again.
  • You are cold at home even though your furnace seems to be working fine. Your furnace may be too small for your home, your ducts may be clogged, or you may have other issues. We’ll troubleshoot the problem and get to the bottom of it as soon as possible.

These are all signs that you need furnace repair in Columbus. If you call us for heating repairs right away, we may be able to get your furnace fixed before it dies completely and leaves you without heat. This is your best-case scenario since you don’t want to be cold at home and you don’t want your pipes to freeze.

Whenever you need furnace service, whether it’s furnace repair, maintenance, replacement, or installation, call us at Paramount. As soon as you realize that your heater is not working, pick up the phone and say, “Fix my furnace!” We’ll be there soon and complete your furnace repair as soon as we can so you can stay warm and happy at home this winter. Call us to make your appointment today!