Duct Cleaning

duct cleaning in ColumbusDo you or does someone in your home struggle with asthma, allergies, or other breathing problems? The air quality in your house might be making it even harder for them to breathe freely. It can be hard to imagine, but there can be dust, mites, mold, dirt, bacteria, and more living in your heating or cooling systems and in your ductwork.

One of the first ways to tackle these problems is by getting your ducts cleaned. We will make sure that we get as much of this junk out as we can, so you can breathe freer at home. Our technicians will be thorough and efficient to ensure your ducts are as clean as possible before they leave.

Our Duct Cleaning Process

Our air quality technicians will always arrive on time, for a scheduled appointment that’s convenient for you. They will work in your home carefully, treating it as if it was their own. This means that they will clean up after themselves, wear equipment to protect your floors, and operate in a way respectful of you and your house.

  • We can start by evaluating your indoor air quality. These tests can tell us what particulates seem to be especially highly concentrated in your home. It can also tell you what we expect to find or what we are aiming to remove when we clean your ducts.
  • We use our Total Source Removal cleaning process to get all the junk out of your ducts. This involves sealing off the system and using vacuum pressure to force anything inside of your ducts to come out.
  • We’ll show you what we removed from your system. If you’re not sure that duct cleaning really does much, this is your opportunity to change your mind. We’ll show you exactly what came out of your ducts and how much of it there was.
  • We’ll thread remote video inspection cameras through your duct system. This allows you to see exactly how clean your ducts are, now that we have removed the dust, debris, and more. It also allows us to see if there are any large cracks or gaps in your system, as well as to determine if there are any areas we need to clean again.
  • We can test your indoor air quality again, preferably a few days after we clean your system. This can help you know if duct cleaning addressed your problems or if you need to take more drastic steps to get your indoor air as clean and clear as you need it.

If duct cleaning doesn’t get your air as clean as you would like it, we do offer other indoor air quality solutions for you. We’ll always tailor our solution to fit your specific problems, so we can work with you to design a system that will keep your air as clean as you want it.

Air Quality and Health

Sometimes, duct cleaning is all you need to feel better. Some customers find that conditions like chronic sinusitis, bronchitis, and more disappear after they get their duct cleaned. If we find mold or bacteria in your ducts, these effects can be even more significant. Both mold and bacteria can make you quite ill, so removing them can have health benefits you may have never dreamed of!

There’s no guarantee that duct cleaning will make you feel better, but we believe that it is always better for your body to breathe clean, rather than contaminated, air. Duct cleaning is a great first step toward improving your indoor air quality so you can breathe easier again. After all, your home is your castle and you want to be able to thrive there!

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