If you live here, then you know that a functioning air conditioner is essential for living well in Columbus, New Albany, and Gahanna. When it gets hot here, it gets really hot and nothing else will do to keep you cool at home. If you’re concerned about the way your air conditioner is working or you think you should be cooler than you are at home, call us at Paramount Heating & Air today.

columbus air conditioner reopairWe promise that we will take your air conditioning problems seriously. Whenever you need A/C repair in Columbus or the surrounding areas, trust us to get the job done as efficiently as we can without sacrificing the quality of our work. We’ll get to you fast, assess your needs, and make sure everything works again as soon as possible.

When Do I Need A/C Repair?

If you are wondering whether it’s worth a call for A/C repair in New Albany or the surrounding areas, here’s a handy guide. If you are noticing any of these issues, call us today and we’ll get things fixed fast.

● Your A/C is on all the time. Ideally, your air conditioner will turn off once it cools your house to the desired temperature. If it’s not getting there or it doesn’t shut off, call us for air conditioner repair in Columbus and nearby areas.

● Your A/C produces lukewarm air. Your A/C may struggle when it is on all day or when it’s really hot outside. Either way, it’s time for some A/C repair in Columbus and the surrounding areas. We’ll get things cold again soon.

● You keep moving your thermostat down. Thermostats should be something you can set, then forget about completely if you want to. If you have to keep moving the temperature down for your A/C to do its job, then something is wrong and you need to call in a pro.

● Your A/C makes unusual noises. Sure, you’ll hear it turn on, just like you always have. But if your A/C is making any other noises, especially if you’ve never heard them before, it’s time to call someone in to look at it. Chances are good that something is broken or loose in there.

● Your A/C turns off and on frequently. This can burn out your motor and indicates some sort of communication problem between your home and A/C.

A/C Maintenance

We can also handle all of your needs surrounding air conditioner maintenance in New Albany and the surrounding areas. We’ll get your A/C ready for summer by inspecting it visually, changing your filters, and testing all of the components of your unit to make sure they’re ready to go. Give yourself peace of mind, save money, and keep your A/C running for years to come when you choose Paramount for your A/C maintenance in Columbus.

Make your appointment for A/C repair or maintenance today. We’ll hope to get to know you soon!