New Albany’s most fun things to do

If you’re travelling with a crowd – old or young – you really will not have much trouble finding things to do around New Albany for them to partake in. The city has done a lot to develop fun and engaging natural spaces in addition to more commercial and inventive activities, meaning there really is something to satisfy the interests of anyone of any age. If you happen to find yourself in New Albany, I recommend visiting one of the following places:

  • Creekside Park

  • Inniswood Metro Garden

New Albany is not known for its developments in the arts and culture sectors, but in recent years it has made great strides in investing in such sectors with its Symphony Orchestra and its Ballet Company. Many people enjoy coming here for a weekend to relax in a smaller yet still fun and engaging city. More can be found here.

Creekside Park

Creekside park is decorated with many beautiful flowers and plants throughout the park, and the bathrooms are usually clean and safe to use. The park itself is beautiful and inspires many people, and it is a great place to go for a midday stroll, and you usually won’t have to spend many hours here. Learn more about What New Albany, Ohio Has to Offer.