The city really does have a lot to offer

New Albany, Ohio is turning into one of the area’s most fun small towns to visit because the city has surprisingly so many fun things to do. Whether you are travelling here by yourself or you’re with a group of people, you can find something to satisfy everyone’s interests. Even if you’re entertaining older crowds or younger ones, there really is something here for everyone. Some of the fun things to do include:

  • The New Albany Farmers Market

  • Glow Putt Mini Golf

New Albany’s population of 11,000 people makes the town appear as though it would be bland, however, the city’s culture has taken great strides in recent years to make the city more fun. With annual parades and festivals, the city truly has begun to set itself apart from its neighboring towns, and from Columbus. Visit this link for more information.

The New Albany Farmers Market

Be sure to browse around and sample prices to find the best locally cultivated fruits and veggies here. Kids and adults alike will have fun here, from the friendly crowds to the fresh fruits, to root beer floats and other treats, there really is something for everyone here. Read about Why Locals Love to Live in New Albany, Ohio here.