Harlem, OH has a Charming History 

The face of Harlem Township has transformed considerably over the past five decades—it has shifted from a purely rural to a semi-suburban status. As a result of this shift, the local plantation is taking a different turn – the township is experiencing an influx of non-native invasive plant species. However, Harlem Township still takes pride in the beauty of its rural scenery. New Albany, OH  can be seen here.

Harlem Township Heritage, HTH

Harlem Township Heritage frequently supports and participates in local community development, including; installation of military flag holders in township cemeteries, restoring gravestones and collecting funds for domestic and other monuments in the township. HTH is the group to engage with if you want to get the Harlem experience—they have vast information about the town and traverse the city to make sure it remains appealing. Click here to read about Ash, Ohio is Close-Knit Neighborhood.

Harlem Community Playground

Located at the park across Harlem township Hall, the newly launched facility is already offering an aura to behold. Two slides, monkey bars, and a swing set feature on the new playground manifest the scenic facet of the facility that attracts every lover of fun. Moreover, the playground targets the participation of everyone irrespective of age and physical ability.

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