Why get a furnace tune up?

Why get a furnace tune up?

Every home heating system accumulates dust, dirt, and other particulates that affect performance and efficiency. This can cause your utility bills to soar. A professional furnace tune-up and cleaning eliminates the grime, and ensures all components are in good working order. This means that when it’s time to turn up the thermostat on a chilly morning, you have heat!

The benefits of a heating system tuneup

The main benefits of a professional heating system tune-up are:

  • Improved system efficiency, which means better heating performance and lower heating costs
  • Reduced risk of heating system failure — you don’t want to be without heat when the temperature is sub-zero
  • Minimized possibility of needing major repair; emergency service always costs more than preventative maintenance
  • energy costs.

What happens in a heating system tuneup?

What does a professional heating system tune-up include? A professional tune-up for your heating system includes multiple steps and actions that are best left to a trained technician. A trained technician performs tune-ups regularly, understands and practices safety protocols, and has the knowledge and ability to recognize problems before they cause a system failure. These are some of the tasks that a professional should complete:

  • Clean the unit of dirt, dust and grime that affects performance
  • Check the thermostat settings to ensure they are both energy-efficient and comfortable for your home
  • Re-set the system’s specifications, as needed, according to manufacturer’s recommendations and checks all safety components including the limit controls
  • Check all electrical connections, motors and controls for safety and proper function
  • Check vents, drafts and flues for leaks. (Any ductwork leak can affect your heating efficiency, creating a loss of about 20-percent efficiency or even more.)
  • Perform safety inspection of the heat exchanger. (The heat exchanger needs to be professionally inspected to ensure its physical integrity is not compromised, which can cause carbon monoxide to leak into the home.)
  • Check the system/humidifier for leaks. A small water leak may go unnoticed for a while but can eventually causes multiple and large issues.
  • Test for air flow. Restricted air flow affects efficiency and can lead to increased energy costs.
  • Check the condensate drain (if the system also includes central air or features a condensing heat system).

A comprehensive tune-up and inspection by a professional is essential for any age of heating system;​older models as well as new.​ Keep all tune-up records as proof of the inspection and service. These records may be needed if you have to file a warranty claim.

Safety tip: Remember carbon monoxide (​CO​) is a colorless, odorless gas with the potential to poison humans and pets if it builds up indoors. Carbon monoxide can be deadly. Make sure you have a carbon monoxide or CO detector in your home near your bedroom.

You should also consider installing additional detectors if you have a multi-level home. CO detectors should be tested monthly.

6 Inspections we do that make up The Paramount Difference:

  • Safety​: The safety of your family is always our main concern, and is even one of our company’s core values. As experts who visit thousands of homes every year, we are expertly trained to identify potential safety risks, and come up with a path to remedy them.
  • Health​: All of the air in your home cycles through your duct system about six times every hour! This gives the HVAC system the perfect opportunity to “wash” your air and provide fresh, clean, and pure air for the lungs of those reside inside. Our air quality systems remove and kill dust mites, pollen, mold spores, bacteria, volatile organic compounds, fiberglass, and other harmful air pollutants.
  • Property Damage: We come into contact with the factors that lead to water, freeze, and fire claims on a daily basis. With this experience, we have become experts in identifying areas of risk in your mechanical systems.
  • System Reliability: We look at four areas of your systems to make sure
  • that they will serve you well throughout this current season and beyond:
    • System age & condition / neglect
    • System engineering & design
    • Installation
    • Quality
  • Family Comfort:​ When you set the temperature on your thermostat, you’d like each room of your home to reach that goal. We look at the combination of factors that could be preventing this. Most homes also can’t control humidity, which leads to a plethora of problems. We will check to make sure that your humidity is under control.
  • Energy Wasters: Most homes have been designed with little to no regard to the energy that they consume. In your home, it is not only aging furnaces, air conditioners, water heaters, and other appliances that drive up your utility bills. We will check to see if you have any energy wasters.

Get ready for winter and get your tune-up scheduled!

After reading this blog post we hope that you’re able to see the benefits of getting your system tuned up. So what’re you waiting for? Book your tune-up online today! Click the button below to book your tuneup:

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