One reason for getting an HVAC system for your home is to keep your indoor air clean and comfortable at all times. However, did you know that a simple air leak on your home’s duct system can immensely affect the quality of the air you breathe?


What is a duct system?


The duct system is made up of ducts that have two main transfer systems: the supply and the return of air in your home.


The ducts serve as the passageway used for the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. It is also responsible for returning the supply air back to the HVAC equipment. To put it simply, the duct system enables the flow of the supply air, return air, and exhaust air throughout the home.


When your duct system leaks, however, you need to have it checked and fixed as early as possible. If not, you might experience the following three problems in your property’s air quality:


  1. Duct leakage encourages unequal distribution of heating and cooling


When your duct system has a leak or a hole, it cannot perform its main purpose. That’s why the damaged duct work won’t produce enough heated or cooled air to a given room. Instead, you’ll feel that there are cold and hot spots scattered around that room. The comfort level of that room and the corresponding indoor air quality will suffer as a result.


  1. Air leakage encourages the presence of contaminants in the air


Before the conditioned air is released into your home, it is filtered through the HVAC system. If the ducts have holes or leaks in it, contaminants will be added to the distributed air around the house.


Radon gas is also a harmful gas found in a home that can buildup in an enclosed space, too much of which can cause harm to one’s health.


Moreover, if not repaired, these leaks can cause a buildup of moisture in the ducts, leading to mold and mildew buildup. You wouldn’t want to inhale air coming from a molded air passageway, would you?


  1. Leaky ducts increases electricity consumption


When there is leakage in your air ducts, expect to receive a higher electricity bill. This is due to your system working harder to produce the expected result.  This leads to additional energy consumption.

If you notice a sudden increase in your bill without any significant changes in your HVAC usage, you will want to have your air ducts checked. Furthermore, if this isn’t addressed right away, it will only require frequent maintenance checks and cause more expenses on your part.




When your duct system leaks, it is important to seal it immediately. If not fixed properly, it can bring discomfort to your home and harmful chemicals to the air you breathe. Older air conditioning units are more prone to leakage, so be more observant if you’re using an old unit. To avoid any of these indoor air quality problems from happening, contact an HVAC and duct cleaning company as soon as you notice any leaks so that they can perform the necessary repairs.

For air duct cleaning services in Columbus, OH, and nearby areas, we are ready to help you. We specialize in heating, air conditioning, and duct cleaning services!

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