Blacklick is a remote, unincorporated community in Jefferson City on the Far Eastside of Franklin County. The town got its name from H.G. Black; an early settler also gave his name to the local stream, or called Blacklick Stream. This area had been a rural agricultural town for almost 100 years, but the construction of I-270 brought developers looking for land to create new homes, and the rolling hills of Blacklick were just what they wanted. Visit this link for more information.

The Best of Recreation Facilities

The neighborhood is lucky to have part of Blacklick Woods, a Columbus Metro Park. A small golf course, beech-maple woodland, buttonbush wetlands, walking trails, a nature center, picnic areas and sledding hills are available in the park. Olde Quarry Park is also nearby, providing 20 acres of park access to Blacklick Creek, shelter house, picnic areas, walking trails and river fishing (biting large-mouth bass).Read about Harlem, OH is a Historical Town here.

Not Just Homes

Currently, homes are ranging from antique farmhouses, existing neighborhoods with fully grown trees, and new buildings are still coming up. If you’re interested in moving over to Blacklick, you stand assured of customizable homes that fit your budget.

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